Miss Terrorist

Friday, October 20, 2013 - in By yours truly

Ow ow America. You want to set an example for the entire western world so bad, but not everybody in your country acts no.1 worthy, do they?

Last Sundaynight an Indian American woman was crowned Miss America. Flowers, glitters, tears, the whole shabam went down. And then: a Twitter hurricane of stupidity took over the internet. "She's like not even American." (click thumbnail for some tweets)

Therefore I wrote President Obama a little note. Because his country is far behind on racial matters. Not that we Dutchies do everything right (we've still got this blonde clown in The Hague), but we don't claim to be No.1 in everything. The US does.

The reactions on Facebook and in my inbox prove I'm not the only who feels this way. Read the note by clicking here. Howdy, folks!

Buttcrack poetry

Thursday, April 26, 2012 - in By yours truly

Please keep off the grass

Sunday, July 7, 2013 - in By yours truly

Here you go, mom! (My mom is not on Facebook, so when I told her about my first little urban intervention exposed on FB, she kindly asked me to put it on my "gunpocket", so here it is. Moms are great fans.)

Urban Interventionism is a name given to different kinds of activist art practices, art that typically responds to the social community, locational identity, the built environment, and public places. - Ok, nothing new.

Impossible not to love 'em: these urban interruptions (intervention sounds way too pretentious). Although I don't think they necessarily have to be activist as Wiki says - activism calls for hairy armpits - they should add a little personality to the streets. And more important; put a smile on your face.

When this little hole in the street caught my eye last Friday, I felt an immediate urge to protect this piece of green land in an tarmac environment. I ran late for my next meeting, but hey - saving grass takes time!

My second interruption will be in a park somewhere in Amsterdam. Bought everything I need already, so I am good to go. Stay tuned!

Things that never happened

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No title - no.8

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No Title - no. 1

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