portable river

Saturday, January 5, 2013 - in Places

From downtown Amsterdam straight to the citycenter of Caracas, where artistic duo Luzinterruptus was asked by the Spanish Embassy to work on In the Middle of the Street; a festival that celebrates public space as a place of peaceful coexistence. And so the two anonymous artists worked their magic again. Very brightfully.

Luzinterruptus, founded in 2008 in Madrid, carries out urban interventions 'using light as a raw material and the dark as their canvas' to draw attention to social problems that go unnoticed to authorities, and to highlight places they believe have extraordinary artistic value.

In Caracas they filled 2,000 transparent bags with water, fish, lights and greens to create a mile long river of tiny, colorful aquariums that lit up at night. Pretty neat indeed. Locals were asked to pile 'em up and later on rewarded for their stacking by letting them take the bags home. Community cuteness to the bone.

Luzinterruptus sure does rock my boat. For instance with this one. And this one. And of course click thumbnail to enjoy the downtown river in Caracas.

we'll always have 2 for joy

Tuesday, November 29, 2011 - in Places

Sometimes an autumn day asks for nothing more than a leather couch and hot coffee. Make sure to choose Two For Joy as your lazy spot then. Located in a quiet corner of the Frederiksplein and filled with nothing but niceness, this place feels like an unexpected but very welcome grouphug.

The coffee and service are simply great: you order at the bar and your fresh drip will be taken to your seat. To enjoy your couch coffee even more, delight yourself with some homemade granola, a slice of cake or my lunch fav’ Tarragon Chicken.

TFJ recently opened another hub at the Haarlemmerstraat, where the set up is a little different, but the feel exactly the same. Both spots are definitely places to fall in love with, so when you're in the neighbourhood (or not) make sure to drop by. Everything can be ordered to take away, but my advice: stay in. As long as your schedule allows you to.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012 - in Places

Disneyland and Eindhoven, eat your heart out. A'dam is the new capital of light. Since the 7th of December our already very charming city has been transformed into an even more fairylike place, because of the first Amsterdam Light Festival. Powered with led, of course.

Worldleading (light-)artists were asked to create sculptures and illuminate buildings, boats and bridges on the riverside of the Amstel to change the public area during the darkest time of year. It's kinda like the best of Christmas, but then without all the hassle and baulbs.

If you live in Amsterdam please take the time to stroll the Amstel at night to enjoy this heartlighted festival of prettyness. You'll be wowed for sure. The lights are on till the 20th of January 2013.

Fortune favors the weird

Wednesday, April 4, 2012 - in Places

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"Congratulations! You’ve stumbled upon the online giftshop for the first museum dedicated to the work of the Unnaturalist Society – the imaginative discovery of wonders that were unknown ..until now."

What a great welcome, and what a great initiative to stumble upon: the Museum of Unnatural History, frontstore of non-profit organisation 826DC. This organisation, led by a group of talented authors, playwrights and poets, teaches kids to explore every corner of their own imagination. The creative writing program doesn't focuss on how to write flawlessly, but on the fun of creating something that didn't exist before. Like Unicorn Tears. Or Beetle Catchers. All for sale in the museum.

The sparks that lit in their heads and the recognition they get for the stories they create, help the kids grow confidence. Wow. I sincerely love this 826DC program. And of course the curios in their museum. Power to the surrealists! (and unicorns)