Small escape

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 - in Random

This, dear readers, is a lovely book. And what it preaches is absolutely true; the inside of your head is an awesome place to be. If yours isn't, drop by mine. Got plenty of room. But please let me know in advance, I'd like to clean up a little first.

Oh and Deepak Chopra promotes the book. And he knows. Things. Oh and click thumbnail to watch the booktrailer.

1000 bottles of beer

Monday, June 11, 2012 - in Random

Nothing beats drinking beer from a bottle. Except for a man who is able to open it for you, when you just spent fifteen minutes looking all over your kitchen and balcony and handbags and living room and bathroom even for the opener that always winds up to be in your kitchen drawer anyways you just didn't look well enough.

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L'amour des Moules

Friday, September 5, 2012 - in Random

I like clams. Prepared the French, Belgian, Eastern, Dutch or whatever way, with beer, wine, cream, fennel, peppers, sausage or whatever fits your pan. Bút, I'm not sure that appetite will remain after seeing L'amour des Moules. But my oh my, what a beautiful filmposter they made for it.

Yesterday, the poster was awarded with the Afficheprijs 2012. Very well deserved. The intense colors, subtle suggestivity and well, everything, just hit you in the face. Clam kabam. The award was once initiated to spice up the level of filmposters and looking at L'amour des Moules, it did exactly what it was supposed to. Lovely!

(Click thumbnail to see it upclose and browse through the runners up)

Long live the queen. Burp

Tuesday, May 1, 2012 - in Random

“Favorite daughter, there’s something going on with you and Queensday. You just don’t seem to work it out.” And unfortunately, dear readers wherever you are, my mom is true; I’ve never had a decent Queensday in Amsterdam in the seven years I’ve lived here.

Queensday? Yup, just as the Americans let loose on the 4th of July, les douces French on their Quatorze Juillet, we the Dutch go wild on Queensday; celebrating the birth of a queen that is no longer with us. We dress in orange, drink beer and make out, all in the name of the Monarchy. 

But while spring was finally kicking in and God gave us 21 solid degrees to get sunburt in, I spent the entire day in bed, sweating peentjes even more than those beerdrinking thugs out on the street. Sick as an oyster.

So thank God for TV, where I could - blurry eyed - watch everyone in my beloved country act like teenagers on springbreak. “Oh my gooooossshh I’m on national TV, we love you Queen Beatrix!! Burp.”

And today, the headached day after, Mother Nature showed her true forgiving spirit, washing away our sins with heavy rain, lightning and good ol’ thunder. Leaving the country like nothing ever happened. Luckily, we'll always have Facebook. And now, back to work people! The country is still in recession.

Completely bonkers

Saturday, August 11, 2012 - in Random

One WTF after the other. A carousel of absurdness. And just when you think you get it, the next scene shows you you don't.

Holy Motors (directed by Leos Carax, 2012) is a definate 'go see for yourself' kind of movie. Simply because there are no words to describe what it is about. Or how it should be interpreted. The movie has been despised and adored, cheered and boo'd, but one thing everybody seems to agree on: it's completely bonkers. I loved it. Go see.

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